Ehh… I don’t know the answer to that question

Let’s talk job interviews. I know I am not the only person that has a mini freak out when it comes time to sell myself. I mean basically that’s what it is… right? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m my biggest fan ((not including my family – who think I’m pretty spectacular too)) but it’s awfully hard to pitch how amazing I am without sounding biased. Girls gif - sex goddessTrying to get a job at a place that has already judged you by your age usually throws a curveball into the mix. That was what I faced yesterday when I interviewed for my dream job [one that I’m not exactly qualified for but who cares they liked me enough for a second interview so boom betch] – I had to convince the CEO that I was passionate about real things… you know something besides blacking out and the latest episode of New Girl or Hart of Dixie. I tried my best but he definitely brought his best secret weapons to the meeting.  Chelsea gif - I like to cuddle and party

Who can prepare for an interview when you get questions like: If you could choose one state to remove from the union, which would it be and why?”  HOLD UP! What does this question even have to do with this job you might be wondering… what is this girl trying to do, run for senate?? Um no thanks – I’m definitely not doing that but this was one of the questions asked of me in my interview. What even happened to the usual strengths and weaknesses questions that they are supposed to ask?! The ones that I actually prepared for. To say that question threw me for a loop would be the understatement of the millennium… but I will say that I answered it and I think I did a bomb A job with it too. So uh! Take that! New Girl gif - I don't know how to answer

Or how about those questions like where do you see yourself in five years? Oohemm I wish I could answer this truthfully because it would go a little something like this: Well in 5 years I would want to be married to a rich guy… with a baby ((maybe a second on the way if the guy is hella hot)) and I would like to spend my days shopping, playing around the country club, traveling to exotic places, having brunch with my besties and going to fabulous black tie events on the use (yes, I abbreviate the word usual, bite me). You know this is basically how everyone would want to answer this question – – in the 1940s – – but instead of letting anyone I know {aka really just my family… my friends know this is the truth} think that I’m some kind of lazy feminist hating chick I correctly answered that question and blew it out of the water. Duh.

What I’m telling you is this: Prepare yourself for a random a question sesh if you are going on an interview soon… I wasn’t prepared but being as graceful as I usually am I overcame it. Not everyone can be as amazing as I am though… it’s a tough task but I’m willing to help you work out some of those kinks. It’s that kind of thing that makes a girl like me irresistible to companies 😉 Not really – but hey, a girl can dream!Job Interviews

I suck… In other news – my GUBBY’s in town!!

I am the worst. I know it, you know it and now that it’s out there I feel like we can move on. I have been hella busy in my ab fab life and I have neglected my blog and I apologize. I am on the track to getting my ISH together as of right now, just fyi.

More importantly, I have news! My gay bestie – who will be referred to as Gubby for the rest of this post (thanks Most Eligible Dallas) – has officially moved to the A!! If you don’t have a gubby and you are leading a fabulous life, it’s a lie. A fake. You can’t be awesome without one. Gubby’s are the best for numerous reasons. The main one being that you can always count on him to be your sidekick and to tell you how amazing and hot you are… Ivan is amazing when it comes to this. He surrounds himself with beautiful gays that make wonderful arm candy for me when I need it! ((OFTEN))162712_10150374145550497_7093116_n

They’re also good for advice. You know you can be completely open about any and every detail about your life with him because he’ll always be hella honest and not judgmental in the least. My favorite thing about Ivan is that any scandy stories I share with him from the weekend are way way way less scandalous than his latest lovefest. It’s hilarious and definitely helps to make you feel like less of a slore.

We had dinner the other night and were talking about the selection of men in Atlanta and he threw out: “I just need a guy to lay on top of me.” Really?? Like you haven’t thought that before. I love that we can support each other 110% because our goals aren’t the same… there’s no competition. It’s certainly a breath of fresh air to have him back in my life. We made a pact last night to own this city – I’ll let you know how it goes. It’s sure to be littered with cocktails and glitter… a recipe for success, if I do say so myself!

<<They also throw the BEST parties – these are from Ivan’s annual Christmas party… Love muh gubs>>36255_1505100099695_3770852_n 166320_1505097779637_6485652_n

Morning after… G rated

Small disclaimer prior to this post… this is a picture happy post! You’ve been warned, proceed with caution…

I absolutely can’t promise that this blog will make any sense whatsoever because I’m still intoxicated from last night… but the fact that I’m posting the day after my birthday has got to count for something! My hangover has passed every single one I’ve had in my past so I’m definitely curing it with… ((drumroll))… yep, you guessed it – Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s with the girls. To say that last night was epic would be a HUGE understatement. It was beyond epic and I have no clue what word I should use to describe my birthday. But as far as I know I did not get punched in the stomach this year (COURTNEYYYYYY) – so at least 25 is off to a great start!

Guys… I’m 25. Holy Hell.

I’m TWENTY-FIVE!!! Holy Hell!

Let’s just forget about my old age and give a little looksy to a few pictures from last night.710827_10100890074255928_566521532_n imagejpeg_2imagejpeg_2 (3) imagejpeg_2 (5) imagejpeg_2 (6) imagejpeg_2 (1)

Just to reinforce how well my night was (like you couldn’t tell from those photos), I camped out next to my toilet and threw up like I was some sort of supermodel. I talked to the porcelain throne like it was a friend and promised to never drink again if I could just go back to sleep in peace. I now know how my best friend from college felt when we threw her 21st bday party… [I out did myself for that one] So that’s what my night came to… talking… to a toilet. That’s how freaking terrible I felt. Also – not to take anything away from the toilet but I woke up this morning with nothing but Boy Toy Brad ((The blowup doll my wonderful friends got me last night – see above picture))… as in no purse, dead phone – the whole shebang! And of COURSE I couldn’t wake up at my own apartment… nope that would have been too easy a sitch to handle!

But all in all my 25th was a hit! Great night with great friends. Can’t wait to see what next weekend has in store… because you know that all true betches get a birthday month. This party isn’t ending with one night of shame! I still have one more weekend to kick it into gear. Look forward to that post, it will be… wait for it… LEGEN… DARY**!

** Yeah, How I Met Your Mother is definitely on my top 5 ((hence the Barney quote right there))

Girls Girls Girls

I seriously HATE how much this show reflects my life. If you have never seen an episode of “Girls” I can’t recommend it enough. It is hilarious! I am a huuuggggeeeee Sex in the City fan – as if you couldn’t have figured that out – but Girls is sooo much more realistic to being a woman in her 20s. The shows tagline or whatev you call it is “Living the dream: one mistake at a time.” <—- Um hello!!!! That’s everyone’s motto… right? Bueller? Bueller?!?

I feel like I relate to all of the characters a little bit [except Shoshanna… honestly she’s just a little too much on the weirdo side, not into it] but I think Marnie is my fav. I get her whole attitude of not wanting to figure out what she wants out of life and having someone just tell her! I want someone to just tell me what my life will be… that this is what I should do in this situation or whatevs. Seeing as most of my choices suck it would probably help. At least I would know what to expect even if it’s not what I want to hear. But she’s awesome and she totally rocks it in the season finale.Girls gif - I'm not going to kiss you

My second fav is obviously Lena Dunham’s character Hannah. <<Ohhemgeee she cracks me up with her granny panties>> But basically the show (for those of you who haven’t seen it, shame on you and here’s your SPOILER ALERT – I don’t even care if you don’t like that I’m putting spoilers up because this is MY blog, so suck it) starts with Hannah going to see this loser guy that obv has no interest in being in a relationship with her – which is all Hannah wants him to do – and then by the end of season one he’s like obsessed with her ((and she’s broke as a joke cause mom and dad cut her OFF, but that’s another storyline)) because she got all fed up with his bull and ignored him and now he wants to move in with her and she’s not having it. I get the whole bouncing emotions when it comes to guys! Hannah complained the majority of the first season about Adam not committing and now that he’s into it and wants to get serious by moving in she’s not so into it. So the solution, of course, is to tell her gayexboyfriendthattoldherhegaveherHPVafterdenyingitallseason that he can move in with her instead. It’s all very confusing yet VERY VERY exciting. This living sitch is going to be so Will and Grace and I’m pumped to see it unfold!Girls gif - You can't force me to be a lady

So basically this post was just a plug on how you need to get Netflix and watch season one of Girls because season two begins on Sunday and it’s amazeballs.

Listen, it’s going to be awesome so JUST WATCH IT, ok?!

Girls gif - How lucky you are