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Ehh… I don’t know the answer to that question

Let’s talk job interviews. I know I am not the only person that has a mini freak out when it comes time to sell myself. I mean basically that’s what it is… right? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m my biggest fan ((not including my family – who think I’m pretty spectacular too)) but it’s awfully hard to pitch how amazing I am without sounding biased. Girls gif - sex goddessTrying to get a job at a place that has already judged you by your age usually throws a curveball into the mix. That was what I faced yesterday when I interviewed for my dream job [one that I’m not exactly qualified for but who cares they liked me enough for a second interview so boom betch] – I had to convince the CEO that I was passionate about real things… you know something besides blacking out and the latest episode of New Girl or Hart of Dixie. I tried my best but he definitely brought his best secret weapons to the meeting.  Chelsea gif - I like to cuddle and party

Who can prepare for an interview when you get questions like: If you could choose one state to remove from the union, which would it be and why?”  HOLD UP! What does this question even have to do with this job you might be wondering… what is this girl trying to do, run for senate?? Um no thanks – I’m definitely not doing that but this was one of the questions asked of me in my interview. What even happened to the usual strengths and weaknesses questions that they are supposed to ask?! The ones that I actually prepared for. To say that question threw me for a loop would be the understatement of the millennium… but I will say that I answered it and I think I did a bomb A job with it too. So uh! Take that! New Girl gif - I don't know how to answer

Or how about those questions like where do you see yourself in five years? Oohemm I wish I could answer this truthfully because it would go a little something like this: Well in 5 years I would want to be married to a rich guy… with a baby ((maybe a second on the way if the guy is hella hot)) and I would like to spend my days shopping, playing around the country club, traveling to exotic places, having brunch with my besties and going to fabulous black tie events on the use (yes, I abbreviate the word usual, bite me). You know this is basically how everyone would want to answer this question – – in the 1940s – – but instead of letting anyone I know {aka really just my family… my friends know this is the truth} think that I’m some kind of lazy feminist hating chick I correctly answered that question and blew it out of the water. Duh.

What I’m telling you is this: Prepare yourself for a random a question sesh if you are going on an interview soon… I wasn’t prepared but being as graceful as I usually am I overcame it. Not everyone can be as amazing as I am though… it’s a tough task but I’m willing to help you work out some of those kinks. It’s that kind of thing that makes a girl like me irresistible to companies 😉 Not really – but hey, a girl can dream!Job Interviews

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