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Girls Girls Girls

I seriously HATE how much this show reflects my life. If you have never seen an episode of “Girls” I can’t recommend it enough. It is hilarious! I am a huuuggggeeeee Sex in the City fan – as if you couldn’t have figured that out – but Girls is sooo much more realistic to being a woman in her 20s. The shows tagline or whatev you call it is “Living the dream: one mistake at a time.” <—- Um hello!!!! That’s everyone’s motto… right? Bueller? Bueller?!?

I feel like I relate to all of the characters a little bit [except Shoshanna… honestly she’s just a little too much on the weirdo side, not into it] but I think Marnie is my fav. I get her whole attitude of not wanting to figure out what she wants out of life and having someone just tell her! I want someone to just tell me what my life will be… that this is what I should do in this situation or whatevs. Seeing as most of my choices suck it would probably help. At least I would know what to expect even if it’s not what I want to hear. But she’s awesome and she totally rocks it in the season finale.Girls gif - I'm not going to kiss you

My second fav is obviously Lena Dunham’s character Hannah. <<Ohhemgeee she cracks me up with her granny panties>> But basically the show (for those of you who haven’t seen it, shame on you and here’s your SPOILER ALERT – I don’t even care if you don’t like that I’m putting spoilers up because this is MY blog, so suck it) starts with Hannah going to see this loser guy that obv has no interest in being in a relationship with her – which is all Hannah wants him to do – and then by the end of season one he’s like obsessed with her ((and she’s broke as a joke cause mom and dad cut her OFF, but that’s another storyline)) because she got all fed up with his bull and ignored him and now he wants to move in with her and she’s not having it. I get the whole bouncing emotions when it comes to guys! Hannah complained the majority of the first season about Adam not committing and now that he’s into it and wants to get serious by moving in she’s not so into it. So the solution, of course, is to tell her gayexboyfriendthattoldherhegaveherHPVafterdenyingitallseason that he can move in with her instead. It’s all very confusing yet VERY VERY exciting. This living sitch is going to be so Will and Grace and I’m pumped to see it unfold!Girls gif - You can't force me to be a lady

So basically this post was just a plug on how you need to get Netflix and watch season one of Girls because season two begins on Sunday and it’s amazeballs.

Listen, it’s going to be awesome so JUST WATCH IT, ok?!

Girls gif - How lucky you are

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