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Morning after… G rated

Small disclaimer prior to this post… this is a picture happy post! You’ve been warned, proceed with caution…

I absolutely can’t promise that this blog will make any sense whatsoever because I’m still intoxicated from last night… but the fact that I’m posting the day after my birthday has got to count for something! My hangover has passed every single one I’ve had in my past so I’m definitely curing it with… ((drumroll))… yep, you guessed it – Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s with the girls. To say that last night was epic would be a HUGE understatement. It was beyond epic and I have no clue what word I should use to describe my birthday. But as far as I know I did not get punched in the stomach this year (COURTNEYYYYYY) – so at least 25 is off to a great start!

Guys… I’m 25. Holy Hell.

I’m TWENTY-FIVE!!! Holy Hell!

Let’s just forget about my old age and give a little looksy to a few pictures from last night.710827_10100890074255928_566521532_n imagejpeg_2imagejpeg_2 (3) imagejpeg_2 (5) imagejpeg_2 (6) imagejpeg_2 (1)

Just to reinforce how well my night was (like you couldn’t tell from those photos), I camped out next to my toilet and threw up like I was some sort of supermodel. I talked to the porcelain throne like it was a friend and promised to never drink again if I could just go back to sleep in peace. I now know how my best friend from college felt when we threw her 21st bday party… [I out did myself for that one] So that’s what my night came to… talking… to a toilet. That’s how freaking terrible I felt. Also – not to take anything away from the toilet but I woke up this morning with nothing but Boy Toy Brad ((The blowup doll my wonderful friends got me last night – see above picture))… as in no purse, dead phone – the whole shebang! And of COURSE I couldn’t wake up at my own apartment… nope that would have been too easy a sitch to handle!

But all in all my 25th was a hit! Great night with great friends. Can’t wait to see what next weekend has in store… because you know that all true betches get a birthday month. This party isn’t ending with one night of shame! I still have one more weekend to kick it into gear. Look forward to that post, it will be… wait for it… LEGEN… DARY**!

** Yeah, How I Met Your Mother is definitely on my top 5 ((hence the Barney quote right there))


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