Just some things my 20s have taught me

– Things are so much more fun with a drink in your hand.

– If you ignore a bill, it becomes a more expensive bill and no one secretly pays it for you.Bridesmaids gif - I'm poor

– There is no such thing as a friend with benefits. Someone’s feelings are always involved, no matter how much you try to deny it.

– People who floss think they’re better than everyone else.

– It is not cool to take a million pictures of yourself and post them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.Remove From Friends FB

– No one truly wants your advice when they ask for it.

People with IPhones also think they’re better than everyone else and they are definitely not. Still have yet to get an accurately worded email from one.Iphone gif

– Breaking up and getting back together is NOT normal and there is NO REASON TO EVER GET BACK WITH AN EX. Everyone knows that the sequels always flop. Helloooo… everyone remember Grease 2?? And Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. I mean commmeee onnnn!!!

– Any girl who doesn’t always have a hair tie on her wrist can’t be trusted.

– People who get offended easily are exhausting to be friends with… aka I’m NOT friends with anyone who does.Mindy Project gif - Douche bag

– If a guy gets the wrong idea and thinks he’s on a date with you, you should offer to hook up with his friend to be clear.

– You can count the number of real friends you have on your two hands. Most of the people you meet in your 20s go in and out of your lives… the amount of true friends you have that will truly do anything for you are limited. There’s no need to have a 50 person entourage… you aren’t famous. Get real.

– How to make 30 bucks last me an entire week. You learn the true value of money in your 20s… and it sucks.

– At some point you are going to hook up with somebody that you would never SPEAK to sober in the daylight. Consider it your good deed for the world… you are welcome!New Girl gif - Pink wine makes me, slutty

– Posting a list of random ish is most definitely a maj cop-out to actually writing a real blog post… but that’s how it’s going down!


Some Kind Of Madness

It’s that time of again! It’s time for the NCAA basketball tournament and I am beyond excited about it!! I’m talking even more exciting than The Bachelor, Scandal, Carrie Diaries and Revenge conversations that my friends and I have on a weekly basis. I don’t get this excited for the NBA playoffs, I watch a few (SEC) bowl games for college football and if I’m being real honest, I only care about the Super Bowl for the party ((unless the Packers are in it)) – but when March Madness comes around I get hella cray. I love filling out brackets and watching as many games as I can and this year the Final Four will be played in HOTLANTAAAAA and since my dad is a college basketball coach I am staking claim to his tickets!

I feel like everyone loves March Madness – even those who don’t watch college basketball the entire season like I do seem to get a little giddy when it comes to the tournament. The best part about it is you don’t have to know a damn thing about college basketball to fill out a bracket and potentially win money and/or bragging rights with the guy you’re dating. HOWEVER when it does come to creating a pool with the guy you like or the guys you hang out with here is my advice: tread lightly. March Madness gives you the perfect excuse to spend time with the guy you’re into. You know he’s going to be watching the game so make a few bets on who will win, grab a beer and cheer on the Blue Devils…. ehh, I mean your favorite team. But make it all light and fun and just let your winning bracket do all the talking.March Madness Gif

If you don’t know anything about basketball and want to fill out a bracket for work or with your friends definitely do it. We are doing an A5 bracket and I have every intention of kicking everyone’s butt! Normally I would say don’t be that clichéd girl and pick the teams based off of team colors or whose mascot would win in a fight but one of my friends picked her bracket off of the better looking roster and did really well a couple of years ago so pick however you want because everyone is an expert at this time of the year. Besides, college basketball?? Umm yeah a HUGE selection of sexy, tall, muscular men to look at and choose your brackets by (yes borderline pedy, I know)? Maybe that’s how I’ll do mine this year… yeahhhh not at all but it is fun looking, in a non-pedophile-ish way for sure.March Madness SomeEcard

I do want to end this post with a heads up! The finals are on April 8th which means a major conflict with Carrie Diaries and How I Met Your Mother so get those DVR’s on record because your priority better be the National Championship game!

Bienvenidos a MIAMIIIII

Bienvenidos a Miami!! I literally said those words about 20 times on my mini vaca tooooooo… surprise surprise… MIAMIIII!!!! My friend Becky and I went on a visit to SURPRISE our friend Courtney and it was most definitely a blog worthy weekend!! 862671_10100974743842398_578388206_nI don’t know if you have been to Miami but there are a few things that I learned reallllllll quick…

Cortaditos are the JAMMM!! Ok, if you wonderful people do not Keep Up With The Kardashians, I’m not really sure why you enjoy my blog, but in an epi a few weeks ago Khloe experienced cortaditos ((Cuban Coffee)) for the first time and went buhhhnanas! Of course this inspired me to find these amazing little things and give it a good ol fashion try and when I did… oohhhh what a game changer!!! They are DELISH! I have already found two places here in Atlanta that sells them, yeah, they are that addicting. DRINK UP FRANDSSS!

Kissing cheeks. I just can’t get behind this Real Housewife ish. EVERYONE in the 305 greets with a kiss. When I tell you that I acted like a moron every single time that someone leaned in to drop a little love on my cheek – I am not exaggerating!

Alcohol is morning, noon and night!! Drinking without judgment in the AM is the bees knees. Literally had a cocktail with every meal I ate… and we ate… a lot! Like really? You think it’s inappropriate that I’m drinking vodka at 10:30 am? Well… I think your life is inappropriate at 10:30 am, so there! Psychhhh it’s totes acceptable because we are in MIA!!!!

So there ya go…. Any person who visits Miami is really effin lucky. Everything is a go there and do make sure that when you are visiting, you get your friends that are locals to take you to the most cliché touristy hot spot there is – Lincoln Road. It’s so amazing… there’s shopping, DASH (yeah, two Kardashian references in this post, suck it), Serendipity 3, celebs and some of the best people watching this world can supply.IMAG019062092_10100980924097118_499837322_n 63912_10100980923273768_1471320573_n862016_10100973677554248_1747259599_n