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I suck… In other news – my GUBBY’s in town!!

I am the worst. I know it, you know it and now that it’s out there I feel like we can move on. I have been hella busy in my ab fab life and I have neglected my blog and I apologize. I am on the track to getting my ISH together as of right now, just fyi.

More importantly, I have news! My gay bestie – who will be referred to as Gubby for the rest of this post (thanks Most Eligible Dallas) – has officially moved to the A!! If you don’t have a gubby and you are leading a fabulous life, it’s a lie. A fake. You can’t be awesome without one. Gubby’s are the best for numerous reasons. The main one being that you can always count on him to be your sidekick and to tell you how amazing and hot you are… Ivan is amazing when it comes to this. He surrounds himself with beautiful gays that make wonderful arm candy for me when I need it! ((OFTEN))162712_10150374145550497_7093116_n

They’re also good for advice. You know you can be completely open about any and every detail about your life with him because he’ll always be hella honest and not judgmental in the least. My favorite thing about Ivan is that any scandy stories I share with him from the weekend are way way way less scandalous than his latest lovefest. It’s hilarious and definitely helps to make you feel like less of a slore.

We had dinner the other night and were talking about the selection of men in Atlanta and he threw out: “I just need a guy to lay on top of me.” Really?? Like you haven’t thought that before. I love that we can support each other 110% because our goals aren’t the same… there’s no competition. It’s certainly a breath of fresh air to have him back in my life. We made a pact last night to own this city – I’ll let you know how it goes. It’s sure to be littered with cocktails and glitter… a recipe for success, if I do say so myself!

<<They also throw the BEST parties – these are from Ivan’s annual Christmas party… Love muh gubs>>36255_1505100099695_3770852_n 166320_1505097779637_6485652_n


2 responses to “I suck… In other news – my GUBBY’s in town!!

  1. Diana

    I saw you on LC forum so I came to see your blog, let me tell you that you´ve done a great job with it, please come visit and if you like it it would be great if we could follow each other in socials, what do you think? To support each other… let me know ok!

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