Time to plan some Bachelorette parties… uh ohh

Ohhhhhh wedding season. A time of celebration, love, dancing… alcohol… open bars, yeah yeah you get it. They are always a blasty blast because everyone gets to let loose and dance and have fun! It’s a special time in our lives, what can I say?? This weekend was a special one for me – obviously riddled with booze, boys, and kissing but that’s not why it was special. It was special because two of my closest friends and former roommates, Lauren and Katie, asked me to be a bridesmaid in their weddings! Of course I told them both yes!! Why wouldn’t I want to jump at the chance to look ab fab in pictures that will hang in their homes forever and to get to hang out with them on one of the happiest days of their lives?!!

I told them both that someone upstairs must be out to get me because I came to a very harsh reality when they asked me… do you know that all of the people that have lived with me have gone on to get engaged/married right after we stopped living together?! If I’m not the real life Good Luck Chuck, I don’t know who is. Seriously though, I’ve lived with 4 people in my life: my college roommate, Stolze, who moved out of our place and into her boyfriend/now husband’s apartment; my ex, Sir Douchery, who is now engaged to the world’s biggest ((censorship for my G rated blog)) that he started dating conveniently right after I moved out; Katie, who got engaged on Friday night that moved to Florida right after our lease was up and got on Match.com [through my encouragement I will say] and met her now fiancé; and last but CERTAINLY not least, my most recent roomie, Lauren, got engaged to her boyfriend like the week before we moved out of our apartment. SO what I’m saying is this: if you want to get married or engaged anytime soon come live with me… it’s a gift! I called my mom to tell her about this realization and do you know what she said to me?? After that uber sweet post I wrote about her here <<click to read my kind words that I am now EATING>> she laughed and said, “What’s that saying?? Always a bridesmaid…” Really though, she said that. I was like SERIOUSLY MOM?! and she went on to tell me that my time will come and since I live by myself now that I’ll be my own good luck chuck! <- That is the support system that I have behind me… quite solid (not).

It’s funny how nothing makes you take a step back and look at your relationship status like when your friends get engaged to be married – it’s like one day we are all toasting with pickle backs as single, independent betches on the hunt and then the next, we are spending our lunch breaks on Pinterest pinning our favorite flower bouquets and wedding playlists. So when you take that step back to think about where you are and where you will be when the weddings roll around, you start to think about the plus ones. If you are single, you know what I’m talking about. Getting a wedding invitation with your name plus guest written on the envelope is the WORST (I am NOT saying I don’t want that option Lauren/Katie – it’s just a segue, OKKK?!?). Now, with that being said, I think that being a bridesmaid in the wedding gives you the best excuse for not having a date! I’ve been in my share of weddings and you are all over the place – who’s going to have enough time to hold the brides dress up so she can pee, dance to the WOBBLE and give the proper amount of attention to their date?! Answer: no one. I am just going to take it upon myself to find the other single wedding attendees and flirt my heart out – because otherwise they would be bored so really, bringing a date would just be hella rude, and I would NEVER!!

SO – congrats to two of my favorites. I’m glad that you guys found someone that will put up with all of your crap and your extremely terrible personalities. I love you both sooo sooo much and I’m so glad that you asked me to be part of your special day!1 (2)1.2 1.31.1


Group Chat 11.1.12

There is nothing I love more than spending my day GChatting – not working – with my best frandddsss! Our chat today came full circle when it came to mean girl style… gossiping, hating on our bodies, and talking men. So here ya go… snippets of our convo. Proof of our amazingness:

I can always count on my friends for support when it comes from to relationship advice…

Courtney:  has anyone found out yet?
Rebecca:  haha court
Katie:  no no nooo and they WON’T!!!
Courtney:  you better hope and pray
Rebecca:  lets hope not
Courtney:  bcs your ass will get jumped!
Such support from the friends I share anything and everything with.
[Tales from the halls of the high school]
Courtney:  well, you win some you lose some
that boy was trying extra hard last week. he kept winking at me and shit
i was like omg ummmmmmm
Katie:  did you wink back!?
Courtney:  with my vagine
Katie:  or blow him a kiss
baahhahahahaha dying
Courtney:  haha sideways wink!
Katie:  ewww hahaha
Becky:  omg you two are crazzzzzy
Erin:  hahahahaha
he was winking at you??
Courtney:  um yes
Katie:  she shows him cleav what does she expect
Courtney:  and thats tame compared to what he does
i have no cleav!
Katie:  ant hills
Courtney:  but hopefully soon when i get my boob job
Katie:  dear lord
Which carries us into our mean girl conversation… you know anytime a girl mentions something they want fixed brings on a whole level of cosmetics!
Courtney: can we just be like mean girls and talk about the things we hate about our bodies
my nail beds suck
Katie:  my eyebrows are too thick
Becky:  my feet are huge
Katie:  <<this is where we all look at erin>>
Becky:  LOL
Erin:  my nose is the size of texas
Courtney:  hahahah
Katie:  omggg we are stupid i am dying right now
Erin:  and my boobs the size of RI
Courtney:  omg erin
Erin:  this is wrong
Courtney:  so wrong
Katie:  that’s an odd shape
Becky:  bahaha Erin!
Court thinks sharing this convo will confirm everyone’s thoughts that we are A Holes… Mission Accomplished

Meet the Players


These are my best friends [[partners in crime]] all that jazz and we are personally responsible for all of the amazingness that is the world. Our shenanigans rival those written in books and our conversations are those of philosophers — ok not really but they are amusing to say the least. I will post our convos and pics of our fabulosity as they come – prepare yourself to see our lives in shambles as they typically are