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Summer of Yes

It’s the SUMMER OF YES! I decided this a couple of weeks ago while I was sitting on the beach reading Girls in White Dresses.  I was soaking up the sun and as I read the opening paragraph of a chapter where the girls adopted a summer of yes, I thought “Hey, what the hell, I’ll give this a go too!”  Happy Endings gif - I really really want to do it

It’s the summer to take chances… do things I wouldn’t normally do. Think about it… I mean, how many times do you turn things down that are a little out of your comfort zone? I do… I would honestly say I turn things down more often than I say “yes” to them. Do I want to live my life ((or summer)) missing out on opportunities because they scare me a little bit? No, life is too short for that. We only get one chance at life… just one chance to experience anything and everything you want. So, say YES! Join me in this fun/slightly crazy mission to do things we wouldn’t normally do… go to places we wouldn’t normally go and meet new people that we would normally never meet. Who cares if it scares you?? Think about the doors it could potentially open. We all deserve nothing but happiness and to be surrounded by people who bring out the best in you.

Ask your closest friends to join in on this it might expand your friend group. I was actually having a convo with one of my friends recently about how hard it is to make real friends as you get older. We were talking about who really has the time [or wants to put in the time] to get to know someone new. Think about it… how many of you are in touch with a lot of your friends from high school or college. I’m not talking about those “friends” that you send Christmas cards to or a quick happy birthday note on their Facebook wall… I’m talking about real meaningful relationships. I would say I’m consistently in touch with probably about two people from high school and my two closest friends from college. Other than that the only friends I have are people I have met recently. So maybe expanding your friend group during the summer of yes isn’t a bad idea. I have a slight fear that if I don’t keep up these relationships with my current friends, I’m going to end up friendless… which is terrifying!!! It’s hard to connect with someone – or maybe it just is for me – and to be able to trust them immediately, right?

I dunno but what I do know is that my summer of yes has already started and I’ve stepped out of the box in more ways than one, for instance: my friend Morgan called me as I was getting ready for a date and asked me to join her at the Bachelor casting call – – would I ever do this in real life? Hell-to-the-NO! But she threw in that it was the summer of yes and I succumbed to the peer pressure and went and had a really good time… hmmm…. And then there was this guy that asked me on a date. Normal Katie would have said absolutely not in any other situation but since it’s the S.O.Y. I said yes and he’s turned out to be a really fun guy to talk to. Not saying I see a future with him ((he’s a little too short for my liking)) but he is turning out to be someone I enjoy hanging around. I’m two for two so far… give it a try and let me know what kind of risks you take in the comments section! Good Luck!!Girls gif - Voice of my generation


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