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Hashtag Wrong Reasons

The Bachelorette Week 2:

#1 with Brooks – first off I would like to just say that I don’t see the appeal. That goofy grin and those greasy locks of love do absolutely nothing for me. Des takes Fabio to a bridal store – because duhh what else would you do on a first date? – where she proceeds to tell Brooks that he needs to pick out a dress to try on. Am I the only one that thought the guy was a little too eager to throw on a gown?? Moving on… they leave the store ((still in full wedding attire… lame)) and go to the Hollywood sign ((hella corny)) and then go to a bridge that’s closed off. Ok Brooks, clearly you are a vageen with how much you were freaking out over removing the road closed signs, where’s your sense of adventure?!  They eat dinner under a chandelier <how does ABC think up this nonsense> on a bridge where Brooks cries about his parent’s divorce and Andy Grammar plays. Is it a qualification for all the guys/contestants on this show to have a sob story? It’s exhausting. Seriously, thanks goodness for dvr’s and the ability to fast forward.

#2 group date – Not sure what’s more pathetic… the fact that they made a rap video or the fact that Soulja Boy just ruined his street cred by appearing on this show. And how is it possible that not one of the guys on this joke of a show has any rhythm?! Obv this means that every single one of these guys is terrible in bed. It’s a fact guys, I didn’t make it up, don’t shoot the messenger. Anywho – these “guys” are worse than girls with their drama! Calling out a guy because he’s not here for the “right reasons” is succhhhh a girl move – macho mike!!Bachelorette rap

#3 date with the real Soulja Boy – ok ok if we are being honest with each other… I fast forwarded through this entire date because I think this guy is lame. So so lame and not worth my time.

Rose Ceremony – ughhh my gosh at the ridiculousness that goes on at this place! We get another sob story about diabetes this time (props for the change of tone), a girl fight, insults about parenting and tears. Brandon you were sooo good looking until you got on this show, now you are just creepyyyyyy. And I have a bone to pick with Des for kicking off the sign flipper with good cheekbones. I told her last week that he was a good one but whatevs just another fish thrown back into my sea… so thanks girl!! Actually, I take it back, you rock!


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