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Haaaaavvveeee you met Ted??

I jokingly told my friend that this week, last week and next week are the worst weeks ever because all of my favorite shows are ending for the summer. New Girl, The Mindy Project, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Hart of Dixie ((shutup)), Criminal Minds, and most importantly How I Met Your Mother all came to a close with their season finales. I want to start this off by saying that I can’t believe HIMYM has only one season left!!HIMYM gif - spew NOOO I can’t even deal with what  a wreck I’m going to be on that series finale… if it’s anything like the Friends finale, I’m going to need an entire box of Kleenex to myself. I started really getting into this show my senior year in college and as lame as this sounds (judgments expected), I feel like I really relate/know these characters. Yes, I’m aware of how incredibly lame that sounded and no I will not be taking it back! I was a little nervous with how this season ended on Monday… Lily getting ready to head to Italy for a year, Marshall is becoming a judge in NY [I SWEAR if they make their sitch out like the Jim/Pam sitch on the office I will be pissed], Ted getting ready to move to Chi town and Robin and Barney getting ready to tie the knot. The whole Robin/Barney thing is more than a little stressful to me… taming two wild, crazy and free souls might be hella hard and a bit of a stretch but whatevs – Challenge Accepted!

As a tribute to one of my favorite shows, I have decided to put together some of the things that I have come to realize/love/learn from this series. Sit back and enjoy:

–          I am Robin… well kind of… I mean, I don’t like cigars, I’m not Canadian and I want kids but other than that, yeah I’d say we are pretty similar. I get the whole being attracted to friends thing ((been there, done that)), I was a broadcast journalism major in college, I like scotch and helloooo, Robin Sparkles!? If you don’t want to be a Canadian teen pop star you are lying to me and yourself. The Robin Sparkles bit is one of my favorite features in the show so I have decided to embed my favorite tune of hers in this post, you’re welcome. The Beaver Song

–          They have the best catchphrases!!HIMYM gif - Bang Bang Bangity Bang HIMYM gif - But um HIMYM gif - Challenge Accepted HIMYM gif - Where's the poop HIMYM gif - You've been lawyered HIMYM -Legendary

–          “The Front Porch Test” – One of the best things to take away from the show… Lily tells Ted that she’s been sabo-ing {“Is sabo short for sabotage?” “You know it is, I don’t know why you have to ask that.” – sorry couldn’t help throwing in a New Girl quote from it’s season finale} his relationships because they didn’t pass the front porch test. Basically what you get from this ep is that you should NOT date someone who doesn’t get along with your group of friends.HIMYM gif - Front porch test

–          The Naked Man works 2/3 of the time

–          Barney is a genius. Pure and simple. He is my favorite person on this show for a ton of reasons that I’m sure you can guess… but one of the reasons is for his expertise/rules when it comes to dating. His hot/crazy scale is pretty solid. Barney says that a person is allowed to be crazy as long as they are equally as hot – which is good because we all have a little crazy in us.HIMYM gif - HotCrazy Scale

–          Interventions are a fantastic way to tell a friend how you really feel about their life, style, girlfriends or boyfriends, etc.HIMYM gif - Interventions

–          The last thing I’m going to put on this list is that if something – or someone –is meant to be, then it will be. Ted looks for love for NINE WHOLE SEASONS!! If that doesn’t tell you not to go looking for love, I don’t know what will. Love will happen but it’s not gonna come if you’re on a mission to find it.HIMYM gif - That's love bitch

So this is it for HIMYM <<unless you count the millions of replays on every channel imaginable>> until the fall… I can’t wait to get more details about the mother (who I was not too impressed with, might I add), see where Marshall and Lily decide to take their relationship and family, and to see the wedding of the year… so I will leave you with this YouTube link of some pretty hilarious HIMYM bloopers. “What’s that? Self five?? NICE!! We out!”HIMYM gif - Self Five

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