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My Mom Is the Greatest – fact.

Mother’s Day is this weekend so in order to celebrate my mom on her greatest achievement – which is obviously me – I have decided to dedicate a post to the woman who spent her nights counting foul shots and rebounding in the driveway and her weekends chauffeuring my brother and I to whichever game we had; who sat through every play, sporting event, and choir performance there ever was; who held her breath when I walked out the door for pre-k, middle school dances, prom, high school graduation, college pre-season, college graduation and everything in between; who helped create more memories than I can remember but that I’m sure she will never forget; who ingrained a certain sense of confidence (some might say cockiness, but me? Nahhh, I don’t say that) in me that can only come from her telling me that I was the ish every day of my childhood. To the lady who taught me right from wrong and watched me screw up so so very often and helped me fix it; who has supported me in any and everything I have done, even when I didn’t deserve it and who has devoted half of her life to my brother and I rather than herself.

As you can see, my mom is pretty great for a lot of reasons.I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom gif As a single parent she has taken on the role of father at times, friend, and mom, while still being the most encouraging person in my life. I talk to her about <<almost>> everything… from friends, to my irresponsible and out of control consumption of alcohol, all the way to guys. Now I knowwww that she’d like to have grandchildren but she has never pressed me on the issue. She’s only once pointed out that all of my friends are either married or engaged and that some are already starting to pop out babies ((hey, I never said she was perfect)) but she doesn’t try to cause any added stress or self-doubt to my plate. She’s letting me figure it all out at my own pace because I think ((probably not the case but it makes ME feel better)) that she trusts me enough to know that I will be able to tell when I’ve met the right guy.

So considering the amount of time, understanding and energy my mom has put into raising Caleb and I, to say thank you doesn’t seem like enough, but since I’m broke it will have to do… joking(kind of)… so thanks mom, I couldn’t be where I am now without you!




2 responses to “My Mom Is the Greatest – fact.

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  2. I cherish all the memories of your childhood. I am proud of the woman you are. Just remember 1 SMALL thing as I grow older, not SHADY PINES, oh man, NOT SHADY PINES. LOL I love you darling.

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