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Why yes this IS a post dedicated to Paul Walker’s HOTNESS

Hey so remember that time I said that it would be great if Paul Walker stopped greasing his boogey board and got back on the silver screen?? No? Well, you’re dumb and you can just click that link and you will SEEEEEEEE that I did, in fact, say that.Paul Walker 2 Moving on… it’s happening! Memorial Day weekend my dreams will be coming true!! Why anyone thought that making the 43rd Fast and Furious movie was a good idea, I’m not sure… but it is getting the sexy, sexy, deliciously sexy Paul Walker back on that monstrous movie screen once more – so who’s going to complain? Not this girl, that’s for sure! Apparently it’s supposed to be the best Fast & Furious yet… really though… five sequels is a bit obnoxious but because it’s pretty much guaranteed to be action packed and full of Pauly W, I will definitely be seeing it… and if I had to guess, multiple times. For now I’m just going to throwback to some of my favorite Paul Walker moments…

Do you people remember a time when anyone ((obv other than Clay Matthews – GO PACK)) wore a football jersey as well as Paul?? I’m talking Varsity Blues – for those of you that aren’t aware of how good he looked, even back when. That blue jersey with those blue eyes?? And the laundry room scene? You know what I’m talking about… definitely LUCKY NUMBER 7!Varsity Blues

Pleasantville. There is nothing more PLEASANT than a town with Paul Walker in it. Those cheekbones? I die. Plus he was captain of the basketball team and he looks soooo sick in black and white. Dude has got it going on!Pleasantville

Jessica Alba and Paul Walker? Power couple of the century. My girl crush and my man crush together? That’s what dreams are made of people… thank you Into the Blue for bringing those two bodacious bods together for my enjoyment.Into The Blue

Embarrasingly enough, Joy Ride, as terrible as it is – was one of my favs (mainly because PW was naked in it)… granted I was 13 when it came out and if I watched it now, as an adult, I would more than likely think it was the worst thing ever… Soooo… I won’t do that to myself and Joy Ride can just stay in the KJ Thriller Hall of Fame. **Sidenote: Paul Walker can take ME for a Joy Ride** << yeah, I apologize… that was below me (pssshhhh who am I kidding?)Joy Ride

Let’s not forget the douchey roll he played in She’s All That… a jock with a gambling problem? Sign me up!She's All That

As my tribute to Paul comes to a close, I leave you with these last few pictures of #6 on My Sexiest Men List and the parting words of go see Fast & Furious 6 to support the career of the handsome Paul Walker. I need him in my life more than once every few years when they decide to make yet another film about crashing cars and running from the law. Thank you for your support in this cause!Paul Walker FF6 Paul Walker gif 2 Paul Walker gif


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