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The Black Keys

Had to take a much needed study break last night to go see one of my favorite bands in concert… THE BLACK KEYS!!! It was phenom… my friend Lisa and I had ((FREE)) tickets in the pit so we were up close and personal with my favorite duo… I mean REALLY close – close enough to see sweat drops running off of their foreheads close! Now the pit tickets didn’t come without a fair share of trashy, disturbing, and downright confusing behavior… like the guy with long hair that Lisa and I both thought was a harmless female until he leaned in to ask what our names were. The guy looked like one of the wolves from Twilight ((pre-now-I’m-famous-haircuts)). Later on in the night, after bumping into both of us about 92380493 times, he leaned in to Lisa and said: “Since we keep bumping into each other maybe we should just hold on so it doesn’t happen anymore.” – full on with the creepy stalker grin. Ummmm no. I’m not sure why people feel the need to socialize during a concert where you can’t hear anything but the music anyways but it seemed like everyone had something to say to us which was UBER annoying. But the concert was amazeballs and just to rub it in how close we were – here are some pictures of our awesome night!

Yes… of course we had VIP tickets!



IMAG0322IMAG0327 IMAG0328 IMAG0330 IMAG0333 IMAG0334 IMAG0337 IMAG0339


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