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Lesson One: Lose The Goatee

While doing my daily perusing of the world wide web this morning, I came across an interesting article in the Washington Post. The name of the article is “Heavily stubbled faces are more attractive to women than other shaving styles.” I immediately clicked on it because my guy friends decided that last weekend they were going to do a goatee challenge… yes, you read that right. They were growing goatees. On purpose. Ok, let’s just be real for a second, goatees are the WORST!!HIMYM gif - Lose the goatee I am so sorry everyone but that is something I just can’t get behind. I mean Bennett looked Hispanic with his devil stache and guys, if I was interested in getting a Pedro fix, I would turn on Napoleon Dynamite.napoleon So after seeing how ridiculous my friends looked ((of course I told them they looked great… wah wah wahhhhhh)) I really wanted to see what WashPo had to say about facial hair. According to the researchers, “Stubble conveys maturity and manliness with less of the macho aggressiveness implied by a full beard.” Ehhh… I say heavy stubble conveys homelessness and laziness but then again that’s just my opinion. How would guys feel if we decided to forego our waxes and shaves for a month?? Yeah… I didn’t think so! So shave that porn stache immediately! But let me stop myself and clarify that I find nothing wrong with a little scruff… it’s when it gets long enough that it can get dirty and gross that I have to draw the line, and absolutely NO NO NOOOOO to goatees. Stop it. Just stop it… you look like Satan himself.

What do you guys think? Do you have a preference? Do you like the heavy stubble like the article says or are you more like me where nothing more than a 5 o clock shadow can get those juices flowing?? Here’s some of the hottest in HTown with facial hair… I’ve seen them look better!

Channing… sweetheart… COME ONNNNNN!!!CT goatee

What the hell is growing out of your chin Brad? Gross.Actor Brad Pitt poses for photographers during a news conference to promote the movie "Inglourious Basterds" in Tokyo

If he wasn’t famous, you know you would be crossing the street once you saw Depp and his pedy van rolling your way.Celebrities Visit "Late Show With David Letterman" - October 26, 2011

Blehh… come on Zac!ZE hair

You all know I’m no Ryan Gosling fan – this is what you love America? #GAG #countmeoutRG facial hair


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