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Trivia Night

I’m not sure if any of you fools have ever done team trivia but my friends and I love it. Just a good excuse to test your knowledge on useless information and be rewarded with pitchers of beer – why wouldn’t you do it? Becky, Bennett, Drew, Matt and I all braved Loco’s last night for a chance to take home that $5 off coupon and free pitcher of beer once more ((and failed…. miserably… I’m saying tied for fifth place miserably)). But we had a good time and I thought I would let you in on our night with some quotes from my fantastic friends (and yes, I am aware that you won’t think a lot of them are funny but that’s just because you weren’t there. We are effin HILARIOUS). So here we go…. some trivia night quotes:

Question Master: Name the actress that brought in the most ticket sales in the box office in the following dates from their initials.

1999 J.R.

2009 S.B.

1938 S.T.

1962 D.D.

Bennett: Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock…

Someone Else: Shirley Temple

Me: Let’s just throw out names that start with D.D. and see if we can figure it out.


Drew: Diane Douglas… who is she?

Question Master: Which of the 13 colonies is not bordered by the Atlantic Ocean?

Becky: Oohh… Philadelphia?

Me: Umm that’s not a state.

Matt: I think it’s Pennsylvania.

Becky: You stole my answer!!

Matt: No, you named a city.

Question Master: The next category is ZODIAC

Drew (to me): Exactly how confident are you with Zodiac?

Me: Well I thought it was on the Zodiac killer not the signs so now I’m not as confident.

Drew: Ummm…

Question Master: What was Chandler’s last name from the tv show Friends?

Me: Bing, bing, bing, bing, bing….

The guys: What was it??

Becky: I think she’s telling you the answer…

Matt: Oh I thought you were just making sound effects.

Me: It’s Bing!

Becky: Our lives could be a tv show!

Bennett: That would be a boring tv show… Me at my computer from 9 to 7… but I think we would be like How I Met Your Mother! You would be Marshall (pointing to Matt)

Me: Who would be Barney??

Becky: Drew’s Ted!

Drew: Yeahhhhaaaahaaa…

Me: And Bennett’s Barney!

All of us: I said a bang bang bangity bang… I said a bang bang bangity bang

Me: Actually I think we are more like Happy Endings.

Matt: What kind of Happy Ending?? (with full on eye brow wiggle… these guys have no shame)

Becky: But then one of them has to be gay…

Me: (pointing at Matt)

Bennett: So guys… what do you want to be when you grow up?

Matt: Rich… and I want to own my own island.

Becky: And I want to be your wife.

Becky: What are you doing on Friday?

Bennett: Playing call of duty with my little brother

Me: Awwwwwwwww… ((nudging Becky)) this is when you say “Awww”

Bennett: Yeah he’s deaf so we only bond over the sight of call of duty.

Becky: What are you doing?

Drew: Fishing on Lake Ontario.

Becky: Ok so you can hang out Friday?

Me: You do know that’s not in Georgia, right?

Becky: Wait, what?

Drew: Lake Ontario… one of the nation’s great lakes… I’m flying to New York…

Becky: Ohhhh!! Well what are you doing?

Matt: Nothing.


Matt and all the other guys: WOAHHHHHH

Bennett: Have you guys ever seen a spatula thumb? Ew… they are so gross.

Me: What the hell is a spatula thumb?

Bennett: Ya’ll don’t know what a spatula thumb is? Here I’ll draw it

<<he draws a picture of a “spatula” thumb>>

Drew: I don’t think a spatula thumb is a thing.

Bennett: Yes it is!  I bet someone in this room knows what I’m talking about.

Me: Go around and poll every table then!

Bennett: I’m googling it!! You know that Megan Fox has one?

Drew: I know she has a nice rack!

Matt: No, I’ve never made it north of her waist.

Me: You mean south?

Matt: No north.

Bennett: Damnit… It’s called a toe thumb not a spatula thumb. Look here’s a picture.


Drew: Ewwwww…

Bennett: Yeah I once was talking to this girl and she pulled out her phone to send a text and I saw her thumb and was like ohh noo and walked away.

Me: No you didn’t!

Bennett: Truth. I can’t date a girl with a thumb like that.

Matt: Ohhh K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Me: First comes love second comes a b…

Bennett: WHAT?

Becky: Were you about to say baby? Second comes baby?!

Matt: No second comes marriage!! We know where your priorities lie

Drew: Let’s make some babies!!


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