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Bienvenidos a MIAMIIIII

Bienvenidos a Miami!! I literally said those words about 20 times on my mini vaca tooooooo… surprise surprise… MIAMIIII!!!! My friend Becky and I went on a visit to SURPRISE our friend Courtney and it was most definitely a blog worthy weekend!! 862671_10100974743842398_578388206_nI don’t know if you have been to Miami but there are a few things that I learned reallllllll quick…

Cortaditos are the JAMMM!! Ok, if you wonderful people do not Keep Up With The Kardashians, I’m not really sure why you enjoy my blog, but in an epi a few weeks ago Khloe experienced cortaditos ((Cuban Coffee)) for the first time and went buhhhnanas! Of course this inspired me to find these amazing little things and give it a good ol fashion try and when I did… oohhhh what a game changer!!! They are DELISH! I have already found two places here in Atlanta that sells them, yeah, they are that addicting. DRINK UP FRANDSSS!

Kissing cheeks. I just can’t get behind this Real Housewife ish. EVERYONE in the 305 greets with a kiss. When I tell you that I acted like a moron every single time that someone leaned in to drop a little love on my cheek – I am not exaggerating!

Alcohol is morning, noon and night!! Drinking without judgment in the AM is the bees knees. Literally had a cocktail with every meal I ate… and we ate… a lot! Like really? You think it’s inappropriate that I’m drinking vodka at 10:30 am? Well… I think your life is inappropriate at 10:30 am, so there! Psychhhh it’s totes acceptable because we are in MIA!!!!

So there ya go…. Any person who visits Miami is really effin lucky. Everything is a go there and do make sure that when you are visiting, you get your friends that are locals to take you to the most cliché touristy hot spot there is – Lincoln Road. It’s so amazing… there’s shopping, DASH (yeah, two Kardashian references in this post, suck it), Serendipity 3, celebs and some of the best people watching this world can supply.IMAG019062092_10100980924097118_499837322_n 63912_10100980923273768_1471320573_n862016_10100973677554248_1747259599_n


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