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10 things knocked down to 3

As I was perusing HuffPo this morning, I came across an article titled 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Singles in America. Being the single and ready to mingle female that I amof course I clicked on the article and started reading. What I read was somewhat interesting but really just made me realize that I am the exception in singlehood. The first thing the article hit on was friends with benefits. According to some survey, they are more common than ever. Apparently almost 50 percent of singles have had friends with benefits in the past. Now I can side with this stat. A lot of my friends and I have been guilty of this. While a lot of girls and guys would argue you can’t have a real friendship and be hooking up but I think that there’s something comfortable and easy about having one. I’m not saying it’s not complicated though…. I think it’s pretty darn hard not to get attached – don’t count this as a fail though, I don’t, I mean even Samantha got attached on occasion. Do you guys feel like there is always that one person that is going to get awkward?? The little green monster pops up or the overanalyzing begins and things get a little weird. I think that if you go into it with the notion that there isn’t supposed to be a happy ending – it’s just supposed to end, you will be good to go.Grey area - Friend Girlfriend

The next thing the article says is that 57 percent of single men and 45 percent of single women sext. I have never gotten into this – it’s a very slippery slope that I have no interest in going down. What you send out via text or cyberspace will follow you for the rest of your freakin life and you can bet that anything even the slightest bit explicit you send is being shared with all of his friends. Ladies – cover your boobs and vageen in pictures – it’s for your own good… I promise. I will say though – one of my friends (who I will not name out of total respect) showed me and another friend an example of her past sexting escapades and it was the ultimate form of entertainment! Seriously, don’t act like you’re sooooo repelled by the disturbing texts from your guys…. Puhhleassee, you know you’re completely entertained! And don’t even think that you have a pass when you have a boyfriend. What if you have some crazy blowup breakup?! Yeah, I’m saying just avoid the whole sitch. Don’t drink and sext ladies. There are your words to live by. You’re welcome.New Girl gif - Sext

The last thing I’m hitting on from that article is about privacy. “Single women demand digital transparency in relationships. 77 percent of women and 53 percent of men would not date someone who was secretive about their text messages.” I get the whole shady thing where obv if someone is going out of their way to hide their messages there is something more going on but I don’t get why you want to look at their texts anyways. If you are single – like this article is targeting – then what right do you even have looking at other peoples ish anyway?! None. I’ve never been one of those girlfriends… ok I can’t say never – once, just that one time… that has checked their significant others facebook messages or whatever. “Singles in their 20s are most likely to snoop around than any other age group.” Really guys… If you trust them then who cares who they talk to?? I can say this honestly – I trusted my ex and got burned but I still stand by that. Just because he sucks I’m not going to let him ruin things for me or control my life choices. I’m still going to believe in you until you do something that breaks this confidence. You get one life – YOLO **yeah I hate that too** – one chance to do anything and everything and experience as much as possible. So trust wholeheartedly and live single and be happy Happy Endings gif - Alone til 50

Look forward to my angry Valentine’s post. Stupid “holiday.”


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