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Birthday… It’s your birthday

Today’s my friend Becky’s birthday – woop woop!hc_screenshot_cache I have a pretty solid group of friends and sidekicks. Along with being one of my closest friends, Becky is the best wingman ever! We have both decided that when it comes to other peoples love lives we are amazing but when it’s time to buckle down and focus on our own – we suck. Like a lot. I know Becky is always there for me and I loooovveeee how those who aren’t cool enough to be in our bestie circle don’t understand our list of abbreviated words or nicknames for the guys we hang out with or how we all have a certain side of the picture (like you and your friends don’t have an understood side, BS). So tonight we will celebrate Becky’s birthday and the fact that we’re all still young and hot and can sometimes hold our alcohol. To kick off the celebrations  I thought I would give you guys a little dose of what I get to enjoy every day. Love you Becks!

Becky’s special little sayings (that she does say in real time… yeah I don’t know why I hang out with this chick):

“No problemo jimo”

“Coolio Julio”

“Later gator”

“Silly willy”

“You goof”

“It’s on like Donkey Kong”

“I hate everyone near our age that is married… or happily dating.”

My personal favorite: “Hatas gonna hate


Our lovely gchats:

Rebecca: not sure…

i texted <NAME DELETED FOR MY SAFETY> to see if he wants to watch the game w us

me: you WHAT



me: i was going to cut you lol

Rebecca: LOL… i can’t stop laughing!!!

me: ha ha haaaaaa you’re sooooooooo funny

Rebecca: i know right!?

me: lol i was like what the hell

Rebecca: bahaha

did your heart drop a little?

me: nope lol i was like damnit becky


Rebecca: im beating <NAME DELETED FOR HER SAFETY>  going into the third round and he just ruzexted me “its on fool”


me: bahahahha

please don’t respond with like donkey kong

Rebecca: DAMNIT!

i was going to


Rebecca: i said it to rob hahaha

me: i know – lameoooo 🙂

Rebecca: fine… i’ll just say, “bring it”

so boring

me: hahaha negative!!!

say bring it bitch


Rebecca: bitch?

you want me to call him a bitch?

me: a little bit, yep hahaha

Rebecca: um…


me: hahaha beckkkyyyyy

Rebecca: what about smarty?

me: nope

just leave it at bring it lol

Rebecca: haha… there has to be another word for bitch

me: trick?

Rebecca: i like it… bring it, trick

384358_10100875865729928_827742411_nHappy Birthday Becks!! The baddest trick I know



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