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It’s time to paaaarrrtaaayyy

I will be 25 on Saturday. That just feels weird to say. I know it’s not old and no, I’m not in the midst of a mid-life crisis but it still sounds weird. Have I grown since my last birthday? Matured? God, I hope so… seeing as my last birthday consisted of me getting punched in the stomach by a 4 ft tall whore. Yep, true story and I have no one to thank but my best friend Courtney for that. She really knows how to instigate a situation… LEETTTT me tell you! So even though I think I’m still the same person as last year I do think that I have grown the eff up – a little – this year.

The only thing that sucks about being 25 is that next year I will be 26 and in 5 years I will be 30. Ughhh, VOM. I think that this is the last legitimate birthday that I’ll have where I’m excited to be another year older… because from here on out it’s time to start watching the clock and counting my freakin eggs since it’s all downhill from here!

But you know what? The best part about birthday’s ((and I think that this honestly might be the last year this statement applies where it’s not just an excuse for a pathetic life)) is that it is the only day that you can legitimize your blackout. A birthday is the PERFECT excuse for a pregame and a night out. Not that I ever need an excuse for a night out… and I guess we never really need an excuse to pregame either… it’s pretty much mandatory that we get shlammered before any and all activities. But I do think that birthdays, sports, dates, bar nights and any other reason we can put together to drink more justifies any and all of our actions performed on said night. On a serious note though, pregaming is the best part OF the night. Really… think about it. I believe that any birthday pregame {actually ANY pregame} I’ve been to in my entire 25 years of existence has always been wayyyyyyyyyy better than the (birthday) party itself! It’s the best time to get all of our close friends together to laugh, talk trash and kick any and everyone’s butt in beer pong before getting out into the public where anything is at stake. It sets the tone for the night. Drinking before going out-out ensures that wherever we carry on the party is not going to be lame or boring.

So this is what I’m looking forward to most of all! That and the morning after drunk brunch… everyone knows that the best bonding occurs over mimosas and bloody mary’s.


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