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Woah, It’s 2013 already?

I can’t believe that 2012 is over. I still have 10 pounds I want to lose, there’s still hardly anything in my savings, I still haven’t traveled outside the country and I’m still not in the mindset to settle down – so I ask: How is it possible that it’s already the end of the year?! Time clearly flies when you’re having fun so while I loved my 2012 year, I’m going to make sure to take advantage of everything in 2013. The first thing I’m going to take advantage of is New Year’s Eve. It always catches me surprise… I always forget about it until the last second and then I have to scramble to make some sort of earth shattering plans… and on top of the scramble of making plans it’s freaking stressful!! I stress about finding the perfect NYE outfit – why is there so much pressure about what you wear on NYE? It all ends the same… at some random bar with some outfit I’ll never wear again [that was way too much money] with my feet ACHING because I decided that the stilettos, do in fact, look better than the platforms I intended to wear. On top of that, can we just be reminded that it is the end of December… aka it’s FREEZING!! So we girls get to wear a short dress, heels and maybe tights for the reason that it’s New Year’s Eve. No other reason. It’s bogus. 381857_10100375990394108_1547525180_n Also, WHY is everything so expensive? Why do I need to pay $130 plus dollars to go into a bar that I go into every weekend ((COVER FREE)) and is super lame. You’re always going to have a great time if you just hang out with your friends… and do anything… like seriously, it’s always better. And if you feel like you sense a little bit of tension towards the paying to go to bars on NYE, you are spot on. Let’s rewind back a couple years to the NYE of 2010… my friends and I paid 100 bucks to go to a bar in Buckhead and wind up getting a pepper spray bomb dropped right behind us. WORST. EXPERIENCE. EVER! We spent the whole night putting milk soaked paper towels all over our bodies… drunk. 164858_614498882602_2213940_nNo bueno I can assure you! So on NYE 2012, I vow to talk to some guys, drink, give dirty looks (the usual) and dance my face off to begin embracing the new year!



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