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A 90s Comeback

This past week I have had a few moments of clarity. In class last week, as I was getting ready to put a VHS tape into a VCR (yes guys they do still exist, get real) a student asked me a question that threw me for a loop.

Student A: Ms. Johnson, what’s a VCR?

Me: Seriously?

The other students laughed and explained to the naïve little kid what a VCR was and then another student spoke up with a comment that really made me think.

Student B: What is this? The 90s??

Now as offensive as this was to me and my age(no I’m not old but I might have an early life crisis on my birthday) it made me pause for a second and come to the realization that IT MIGHT AS WELL BE. Seriously. Let’s think about it. Now I was a child of the 90s and I loved every minute of it. What child from the 90s didn’t love waking up Saturday mornings sitting in front of the TV chomping down on a bowl of Trix while watching Power Rangers (the original NOT the millionth episode they’ve put together when the casting directors were clearly being racist when they made the black ranger black and the yellow ranger Asian… you can’t get anything past us), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and catching up on the latest episodes of Clarissa Explains it All and Even Stevens. But really, the 90s are making a comeback… and here’s my case:

#1: THE SPICE GIRLS – The greatest moment of my 2012 was seeing the Spice Girls perform during the opening ceremonies. They were the queens of the 90s and their performance confirmed the fact that the 90s we’re definitely on the fast track of a comeback.Spice Girls Gif

#2: FASHION – Denim and crop tops are no longer for children and street walkers and are for the everyday norm. Never thought I’d see the day when I wanted to rock a denim shirt with a pair of skinnies.

#3: TOYS – Am I the only one that was completely thrown when this years most wanted toys list came out and Furby was featured on it?! Don’t be confused… this is a Furby of the future with “a mind of its own.” Shockingly it’s compatible with the iPad, iPhone, iEVERYTHING and Android products. As if they could make a toy that isn’t technologically up-to-date.

#4: BOY MEETS WORLD/ GIRL MEETS WORLD – What would this post be without a tribute to the comeback to one of my favorite tv series of the 90s. This gem is coming back in full force accompanied with none other than Cory and Topanga. If you aren’t ecstatic over this reunion I don’t know you.

#5 BOY BANDS – The boy bands of the 90s centered around the musical stylings of N*Sync and The Backstreet Boys. Choosing which boy band was your boy band said more about your character than anything a therapist could pinpoint. Now we have English boy bands invading our top 40 and the shift to group vocalists is back!


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