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MY Sexiest Men List

As we all know People’s Magazine released their Sexiest Men Alive issue this month with Channing Tatum being at the top of the list. Now don’t get me wrong, Channing Tatum is SUPER hot in that whole dumb, can’t act kind of way but I disagree that he is the sexiest man ALIVE. So I decided that I would revise a top 15 list from a younger point of view. If you agree or have any other suggestions add them to the comment section below.

15. Prince Harry – I felt like I needed to add Harry for the primary reason that he is a ginger and getting better with age. We all remember those family photos with the ugly Prince Harry and dashing Prince William. But the biggest purpose for Harry being on this list of sexy men is the fact that he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about behaving because he is royalty. And also because he’s probably the only ginger in the world that we’d ever consider hooking up with.

14. Scott Disick – Ohh Scotty… who wouldn’t want this smart-mouthed-cane-carrying man on their list. He has singlehandedly changed his douchebaggery to become an amusing hunk of a man that I would love to entertain me on a daily basis.

13. Blake Shelton – Everyone who knows me knows that I hate country boys but there is something about Blake Shelton’s drunken persona that flips a little switch in my lady box and makes me want to belt out a twangy love song so Mr. Shelton can push my button on the set of The Voice.

12. Andrew Garfield – Number one he’s British. That should be enough for him to be on this list but his quirky little nerdy personality make him even more attractive than he is in real life. Also he and Emma Stone might be the cutest couple in the world. Nuff said.

11. Ryan Gosling – The need to add this man because of pure peer pressure is why he made it into my top 15. I personally do not get the Ryan Gosling hoopla (he has weird abs) but apparently his hotness is nothing to joke about. So moving on…

10. Channing Tatum – If People Magazine thinks he is the Sexiest Man Alive in 2012 he definitely needs to be in the top ten. Regardless of the fact that he’s a terrible actor, he is super hot in that dumb jock sort of way. Also – he’s from Alabama (Sweet Home) and I wasn’t aware that they grew men that looked like this so close to home… therefore top TEN.

9. Chace Crawford – Sorry… he’s the boy next door ((That never actually lived next door because that is not reality)) that every girl dreams about. He’s beautiful. Period.

8. Ryan Lochte – He is such an idiot. A ridiculously sexy idiot. It doesn’t even matter how dumb he is or whatever ignorant and stupid comment that pops out of his mouth when he rips his shirt off and flaps around in his banana hammock.

7. Tom Brady – Ok so he’s not  the best at being a quarterback – which his occupation – but he managed to score a supermodel and have a cute little future footballer. He’s freaking hot and you know it.

6. Paul Walker – I don’t care what any of you haters say. Paul Walker is one of the sexiest men to ever grace the big screen and he is totally pulling a George Clooney and getting better with age. It should be a crime to have those heartbreaking blue eyes, abs of steel and perfect pearly white teeth. Let’s all hope that he stops greasing that boogey board and gets on the silver screen once more.

5. Bradley Cooper – His looks are Limitless. Yes, yes I definitely went there.

4. Ryan Reynolds – See below. No reason to explain.

3. David Beckham – You do know that there is no way anyone could make a sexiest list without having David Beckham in their top five… and in his underwear. He is arguably the hottest DILF there is and he has contributed to four stupidly good looking children.

2. Ian Somerhalder – I have loved this man since he was a dancing gay in love with Dawson on The Rules of Attraction. Now he passes on those smoldering looks as TV’s bad boy in Vampire Diaries. I will forever be in love with him.

1. Adam Levine – Do me please. His sexy panty dropping voice and those bad ass tattoos is enough to make any woman swoon. And if not, you’re a lezzy and dumb.

Honorable Mentions: JJ Redick, Clay Matthews, Paul Wesley, Cristiano Ronaldo, Matt Bomer (Boner – I mean really), Neil Patrick Harris, James Franco, Chris Pine, Chris Evans, Brad Pitt


3 responses to “MY Sexiest Men List

  1. Courtney ⋅

    your honorable mentions made me giggle.

  2. K.G. ⋅

    I’m super impressed with this list. Never thought I’d see the new sexy spider man make such a list this early on. But I agree. He’s fine man candy.

    BUT. . . Where is Dr. Spencer Reid????

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