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Dreams of grandeur

Am I the only person that has stupid in-depth fantasies about celebs?! My mind is a smorgasbord of ideas and scenarios that writing a teen’s fiction love story HAS been a thought out option for a career path but I took the safe road and decided to inspire our future ((AKA the youth of #MERICA)). So these fantasies are even more pathetic because I believe that these things can actually happen to me… 

My delusion consists of…

**Marrying a professional athlete – WHY would someone wish this on themselves? I mean I’m sure many girls dream of marrying their favorite professional athlete [ONE of mine is already taken… I’m still holding out for you JJ] but who REALLY wants to deal with the controversy and drama that comes with it? THIS GIRRLLLL!! Sure athletes are known for cheating {sign a prenup and think of the hefty reward you will get when you catch him in the act — total spy gear style with booby (pun intended) traps and hidden cameras = FUN} and never being home {I am a girl that loves her independence… so that will NOT be an issue for me… I’m going to go all Sex and the City 2 on my husband and have my own apartment away from our relationship – it will be in his favor… BELIEVE me} but think of all the positives you get out of it.

– Free tickets to all the NFL and NBA games <Sidenote: I would only marry a professional that plays a sport I love and wouldn’t mind being at all the time… see?? I’ve thought this out for sure #PATHETIC>

– TRAVELING… your hubby gets to fly all over the nation to play so you get to too!

– Money Honey!! I have a serious shopping problem with NO money so can you imagine my life and closet WITH money?!

Wish me luck on this challenge… as soon as I meet one I will be sure to let you know how fabulous my life is.



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