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“BEN” Update

Update on what a MORON I am when it comes to guys sometimes. Remember that post about BEN – my kryptonite straight from Superman – that I had last week? YESSSS you do… if not scroll down a few posts you lazy bastard. Well I had my second encounter with him. I am proud to say I knocked it up a few notches – not too many… I still wasn’t Rico Suave by any means – and I made CONVERSATION. Who woulda thunk!? I came into practice straight from work [Looking as cool as a cucumber in my new top, skinny jeans and booties – Yep stylish trick] and went to get balls so my basketball team could learn to dribble…. or shoot…. orrrr pass the ball <<All of which are skills that WILL be mastered by the end of this season>> and ran into ole BEN. He caught me by surprise — yet again (I feel like this is becoming a trend) and I managed to put together some words and form a sentence that didn’t end with me avoiding eye contact and sprinting in the opposite direction… ok I STILL kind of did that… Ooopsiess but we are talking about my strides in the right direction so erase that from your brains and we will move on.

Ben: Hey! It’s good to see you again {Leaning in for an awkward sweaty hug – he was working out/playing basketball GROSS}

Me: Heyyyyy (drawn out and monotone — insert pat on the back for my casual coolness) You too?? Eww gross you’re sweaty (when he tried to hug me). Gotta go, I’m late for practice

<And this is when I bolted in the other direction>

Not too bad though… Right? Pleaseeee my self esteem can’t take another hit


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