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Shopping Disease of the Heart

So when I opened up my Chase banking account a few months ago, I decided to make a savings account and drop some guap from my paychecks into it once a month — Hey, why not act like an adult for once, right? — I mean it’s probably one of the most practical things I have ever done… my track record for being mature is less than stellar… And all was well until I opened my laptop and began surfing the internet. That’s when I made the next most practical decision and logged onto my account and opened another account named “Money to Blow.” Good, huh?? Obviously I need to shop and be outfitted with fabulosity [[how ELSE am I going to find a husband]] and I believe that in some kind of twisted confusing scheme of things this shows how great with money I am! I have the ability to save it and spend it later. I am a GENIUS and you’re welcome for showing you a savvy way to save money and not feel guilty about spending it on this:


Orrrrrrr these Sam Edelman booties:



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