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Single Struggles…

This weekend consisted of an overwhelming amount of let downs. Let’s start with my moronic and embarrassing behavior from Friday. Everyone (at least I hope it’s not just me) has that one person that they would do anything for… I’m talking someone that you haven’t spoken to in months who pops up and you drop everything for… THAT guy. My guy… we’ll call him BEN** and for whatever reason I’m a complete idiot when he’s around. {{NOT to toot my own horn but my game is usually IMPECCABLE}} 

So let’s travel back in time to that dreadful 30 seconds from Friday night… Ben and I parted on not-so-nice terms ((on my behalf anyways – he’s a guy… and stupid so he probably thinks all is fine and dandy… WRONG)) and I haven’t seen him in months — well that was changed when I ran into him in a hallway.<<I have never been more embarrassed by my behavior EVER might I add>> I saw him walking towards me and PANICKED like some goofy middle schooler with a crush… Right at the moment we were about to make eye contact I turned in about 2 different directions in a matter of 2 seconds and BOLTED! Yep… all but ran in the opposite directions… if you’re wondering YES he DID see me. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?! 

Let us now move past this immature behavior and talk about how it’s going to be in our next encounter. I have no clue how to explain my outrageous behavior – Please — I am open to any and ALL suggestions 

**Names have been changed to protect MY innocents** 



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