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Date night with my main squeeze Becky

So last night I had a long overdue date night with my bestie Becky. Our convos centered around men… surprisingly ((not really – what else could we talk about)) and how to manipulate our suitors.

{I’m going to take a timeout from my words to add in the quote of the night from Beckster: “No to Matt’s. They are bad news… use them as a doorMAT … get it?!” She’s right though (minus the corny punchline)… who hasn’t been wronged by a Matt at some time in their lives? If you aren’t raising your hand – You’re a L-I-A-R!}

Moving on… I was trying to give advice <I have no business giving anyone guidance on guys because my track record is less than stellar>  on how she should manipulate this guy she’s interested in – YES YOU ARE BECKS – into asking for her number before he goes out of town this weekend and came to the conclusion that guys are so naïve it shouldn’t be that hard. I mean I think back to how many times I twisted things so guys thought they thought up these ingenious plans that I had indeed planted into their tiny little brains and feel so very… accomplished! But back to the task at hand – my thought was to turn this FB chat relationship into something a little more consistent by suggesting that she cut their convo short **hopefully right when something juicy comes up** and saying something along the lines of:

Becks: “Golly I wish our convo didn’t have to end but I have to jet…” [I don’t know why but I feel like this conversation needs to take place in the 50s – hence the trendy lingo – but it does]

Miscellaneous Romeo: “Gee Becky, I wish it would never end either. {insert ‘aww shucks’ hand motion} Hey! {Light Bulb} Why don’t you give me your number and I’ll text you on my way down to Certain town that has it’s Homecoming this weekend

Becks: “Well that’s sounds just dandy!” <And here begins a long lasting relationship that ends in 2.5 children and a furry little rabbit named Hoppy // longggg bunny story not worth writing haha>

I mean is that an amazing plan or what? It IS! I gave her the goal of an exchange of digits no later than Sunday (I love when Becky takes steps out of her comfort zone J You are such a Charlotte)… there will be consequences if she pusses out… I will keep you posted on this love fest you can bet your bottom dollar!

So today’s lesson is that we have to take some risks in order to make ourselves vulnerable to the idea of love… supa deep – I know, hold it together! My words of wisdom are off the charts but I am the first to admit how hard it is to make moves and sometimes they backfire but it’s part of the process. So I’m going to leave you with a few lines from a book (The Gaggle) I’m engrossed in:

“I take a deep breath and cling to an India.Arie lyric from her song “Ready for Love,” which has stuck in my brain for years. A few friends and I used to put it on repeat during college, while longing for perfect boyfriends, convinced that India was speaking directly to us. (I know how cool this makes me sounds, so please – contain yourself.)

I am ready for love,

All of the joy and the pain

After hearing this song for the first time, I was struck by one thought: wait, love involves pain? WTF?! Why hasn’t anyone made that clear to me before now? But what India was saying is a universal truth. Pain is an integral part of the process of finding true love. It is part of the experience of feeling something so powerful. Experiencing emotions, be they positive or negative, is always a good thing. It means that you are alive and open to the world. And the sooner you realize that, the sooner all the ups and downs of your love life will fall into a greater perspective.”

All in all we have to take chances and put our heart out there – overcoming pain and give it our all… how else are we supposed to find Prince Charming?!



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